Bad Seed

June 7th, 2016 by Magali Cottier

I recently joined staff at YWAM Burtigny with the idea that I would make a little garden. Infrastructure for gardening is in place: greenhouse, tunnel, garden beds and windows, storage space for tools, everything is here. In recent years, the vision to appreciate this potential has been missed. And then suddenly, without realizing it, we see that the land has not been cultivated or kept as it should have been. Wild plants made their beds and their lives in the soil that was meant for vegetables. And then they gave birth to abundant offspring, “each according to his seed.” Do you know how many seeds it takes to produce a poppy? Me neither, but once they are germinated, you can see easily what the greenhouse tunnel looks like. And it is the same for other seeds, including thistles.

A weed is like sin: If we do nothing, it abounds.

Weeds spread and will stay stuck in the soil if nothing is done. They grow again and again. And unless we have a greater faithfulness in weeding and some good strategies to keep them out, they reach their end and invade the entire space. My sin is like my weed: if I don’t pay attention to it, it also contaminates my neighbours. We cannot pretend that the sin of our neighbour does not concern us. Because it will eventually try to invade our garden as well. So sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and help your neighbour weed his garden too. It is working to live out the Lord’s Prayer: deliver us from evil. Not just me, but we.