The Celebrating Children Workshop (CCW) exists to give those who are reaching out to children more skill and knowledge to increase their capacity in effectively reaching children but also the tools and framework to train others to do what they do.

What would you say to a child whose parents are getting divorced, or has experienced a loss in the family? How do we help the children in our congregations and communities to truly connect with God in their daily lives and become lifelong disciples? How do we cultivate a church culture where children’s ministry is valued, supported, and fully-funded? What is God saying about children who are suffering?

The Celebrating Children’s Workshop is an opportunity for those who work with children to receive training from a group of experienced educators.

We will look at topics such as “Understanding the Child in context”, “Listening to Children”, “Children’s Health” and many others.

Together we will wrestle with the hard questions and troubling situations our young people face, seek God’s insight on the injustices of the world, and discover practical ways we can help the precious ones God has entrusted to us in our ministries.

And whether you are working as a Sunday school teacher, primary school teacher or you are working with disabled children, this four week seminar is for you!


Cat. A CHF950
Cat. B CHF850
Cat. C CHF650

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3rd – 30th of April 2016