Do you want to travel and go on exciting adventures with awesome people? Do you want to know God more and build a strong foundation in Him?

Why not do it in the beautiful country on Switzerland! Our base is nestled in the countryside village of Burtigny; only a short transit to the main cities Geneva and Lausanne. Just coming here is an adventure, and we plan on doing so much more on top of that! Activities may include things such as skiing/ snowboarding, hiking, weekend trips, camping, rock climbing and other spontaneous adventures.

If you are nervous, just step out! Taking a leap of faith isn’t so scary when you know He will be there to catch you.


We will be diving deeper into your relationship with God and who He has made you to be. During these three months your home base will be in Burtigny, with the possibility of joining other bases/ministries in different parts of Switzerland for certain weeks. You will be participating in things such as lectures, one-on-one mentorship, worship, intercession, community outreach, and small groups, all within an international community. Each week you will hear guest speakers talk about subjects such as,  Discipleship, Identity in Christ, The Nature and Character of God, Sin, Repentance & Forgiveness, The Father Heart of God, Holy Spirit, God’s Heart for the Nations, Redeeming Cultures, Missions & Evangelism, Destiny and Calling and many more…. And of course in our spare time we will also be exploring and adventuring in the breathtaking country of Switzerland.


After the 3 month lecture phase in Burtigny, you will be sent out to make God known in another country! This is two and a half months where you will use the new knowledge you have gained, in a cross-cultural mission setting. The location is still undecided but will be most likely be in Africa, Asia or the Indian Ocean’s islands. We will pack our bags and go! Go to be the loving hands and feet of Jesus to these people, and go make Him known.

“Anyone can travel, but why not do it with a bigger purpose? This is what I thought when I decided to do my DTS with YWAM. I found such excitement in seeing the world and adventuring, but I knew that I also craved and desired a deeper relationship with God. This is the perfect place to do that! In a world full of false gratification and identity I didn’t know who I truly was in the eyes of God. Through my DTS I began to discover who God has made me to be and began to build a solid foundation of truth. Pursuing God on a deeper level is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. On top of that, I built meaningful friendships with people from across the globe that will last a lifetime. Living a life with God isn’t supposed to be boring and mundane. He has instilled in you the passions that you have; come and live them out! Join me as we set out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, make new friendships, and explore the beauty of His creation!”

Carmen Young / Canada / Base staff

School pricing:

World A: 3400 CHF
World B: 2950 CHF
World C: 2250 CHF

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Price depends on the destination,
but count between 2500 and 3500 CHF

 School dates:

Arrival day: 8th of Jan. 2017
First day of class: 9th of Jan. 2017

Last day of class: 9th of June 2017
Departure Day: 10th of June 2017