Are you passionate to see this young generation in knowing God and serving Him in the different spheres that He is calling them?

The purpose of the training course is to provide educators, potential educators and those who work with children in any context a solid biblical foundation for their future work. The course will look at establishing a model of education that not only educates the student but disciples them in all areas of life (intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral, social/ emotional) to know God and serve Him in whatever sphere He calls them to work within. The course will also look at the role of education in community development and world missions.

The themes will touch on the following areas:
  • understanding the value of the child
  • biblical worldview
  • biblical perspective of education
  • being a disciple and making disciples

After the lecture phase, there is an option of teaching practicum/ placement of at least one month.

School pricing:

World A: 3400 CHF
World B: 2950 CHF
World C: 2250 CHF

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School dates:

April – June 2018


DSP 211 & 212

(No prerequisite for
open weeks)