Happy (belated) New Years! Bonne Année!

January 31, 2017 La Maison  JEM Burtigny

Happy New Year to all!

We have begun the year with plenty of snow and preparation for the seasons ahead.

A look into 2017

We are excited for this year coming with the various events and schools. In February, May and October we will be host to the wonderful Master’s Cohort in Spiritual Formation with Maureen Menard and company and in March we will be host to a UofN leaders gathering for a month.

Our School of Worship is preparing for the Spring quarter starting in April with open weeks and in the Summer we will have an education for all seminar as well as prayer and transformation seminar in the month of July. The Fall quarter we will run Discipleship Training School and a Humanities and Science school. We are so thrilled to see these schools run here and invite you or anyone you know to come and join these schools!

We also are happy to welcome 3 new Basic Leadership Practicum students who will join us here in Burtigny: Sannerieke originally from the Netherlands and a couple, Anne-Sophie from France and Arnaud from Belgium. The team here that continues to grow brings excitement and anticipation for what God has for us.

Be blessed!

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