Service Pâques (Easter Service): Four days on the streets of Geneva

March 28, 2016 by Thiéry Terraz (Coordinator for YWAM Geneva and Service Pâques Geneva)

From Good Friday to Easter Monday many of us participated in the Service Pâques (SP) of Geneva.

The SP is made up of four main values: Mission, Unity, Intergenerational and Service.

The purpose of this ministry is to reach the population of a city or region through serving them where they need it. As we talk to people on the street, we get to discuss the “why“ of SP, Easter and, if people are open to it, the meaning of what Jesus did on the cross. It is also an opportunity for participants to discover their gifts and grow in God’s calling for their lives.

For these four days, a hundred participants braved the cold, the rain and the fear of man to go out into the streets of Geneva, with a smile on their faces and good humor in their hearts.
Two people gave their lives to Christ, many went away with a Bible under their arm and someone was even cured right there on the street! Glory to God!

The Service Pâques is held every year around the same time and there are still many people to reach with the Good News in Geneva, so join us in 2017!

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