La source de Zoé

May 2, 2016 by Doris Cheung

My usual highlight in our kids centre – La Source de Zoé for young children aged between 3-5yrs has always been snack time 🙂 It is this moment of non formal learning where servanthood, sharing/not sharing, table manners, waiting for others…can take place.

In the past months, I began observing something that those young ones were already expressing through their words and actions, and that was “i win”, It’s me first..

And that has always created tension, little cry….

It has always required some tact, wisdom in how to bring about the joy of allowing others to go first, doing things together and finishing together.

Recently during snack time, I was surprised by the outburst of a little child towards her she swallowed quickly her last piece of food, she quickly showed her friend the empty box and said “I win”…in that spur of moment, I heard myself saying…” No you did not win, you just finish first, good for you.”

Whether I responded well to her …is questionable but at that moment I thought to myself…somewhere in the bible, it is written ” finish the race”, right? It did not say ” win the race”; as usual this has triggered my mind to associate and link her little sentence to how I would want to live life…is it always about winning or is it about finishing it well? Indeed, we ended the snack time with more thoughts for me to chew on….